The Mumford-Anjum Official Statement of Authorship


Stephen Mumford and Rani Lill Anjum. Photo: Kristine Løwe, NMBU

1. Why a statement?

Our writing partnership in philosophy began in 2007, when Anjum arrived at Nottingham as a Postdoctoral Fellow. Since then, we have written three books and around 40 papers together, which seems rare, especially in philosophy. We think it’s time to issue a statement about our writing partnership, for at least four reasons. Continue reading


Being a (female) academic


This week I was invited to talk to the female postdocs at my university about my experience with creating an academic career path for myself, as a woman. This is what I told them. Continue reading

So you wish you had a co-author? 5 tips on what it takes to collaborate

BYU-Venn-Diagram_800x390A number of people have said to me that I’m lucky to have a co-author and I couldn’t agree more. Finding the right people to work with is not easy, and in this respect I guess some luck is needed. Still, there’s more to a successful collaboration than just luck. Continue reading