How I stopped worrying about privacy and learned to love Twitter

This is an old post that I wrote before I had a blog. It is about my transformation from hating social media to loving it, and about who and what made me change my mind. Continue reading


Being a (female) academic


This week I was invited to talk to the female postdocs at my university about my experience with creating an academic career path for myself, as a woman. This is what I told them. Continue reading

The grant application – from idea to deadline


The CauMed team in Bodø, Norway in May 2012. From left: Stephen Mumford, me, Thor Eirik Eriksen, Svein Anders Noer Lie and Roger Kerry.

I don’t think that producing a grant application is easy. What I have plenty of, is ideas. The challenge is to develop an idea into a complete research project and present it in a 10 page document, including largely methodological and administrative points. So here is what I do.

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From Postdoc to Principal Investigator

Note for research

I have been a researcher in temporary positions for about 15 years. Four years ago, I became Principal Investigator. The project was four years. My PhD-students had three years. It was my responsibility that we completed on time. So I was stressed. Most of the time.

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